Cat Surprises Hoomans By Bringing Home Illicit Drugs As A Gift


Every cat hooman waits for the day when their cat brings them a gift. It could range anything from a leaf to dead mice. Some cats even bring flowers for their hoomans. The gifts only improve with time.

But one family was completely shocked to see the gift that their cat brought for them. A bag of drugs is way scarier than a dead mouse. But it is what it is. The family was completely clueless how the cat got the drugs because one thing is for sure that the drug dealers aren’t supplying drugs to the cats.

The owners took the right decision and called the police straightaway. In fact, not many people would have taken this step. But the cat hoomans knew that this was not something usual. Cats bring home a lot of stuff randomly, but bringing home drugs is very different.

Maybe the cat confused it with catnip. Only the cat knows what happened out there. The main issue of concern for everyone is the safety of the family at the moment. The people whom these drugs belonged to might want them back and coming looking for it. It cannot be said if they mean any harm to the cat and its family or not.

The owners first got to know about the drugs when they saw the cat cuddling with the plastic bag of drugs. It was a shocking sight for them. They informed the police immediately and were happy that the cat was safe and sound. There is a possibility that the people from whom the kitty took the drugs might have harmed him.

Anyhow, everyone is safe now and there is nothing to worry about. The cat’s family will not allow him to venture out on his own for some time now. They are afraid of what the cat might brought home. It is better to keep a watch on the cat until the matter cools down.

Has your cat ever brought such weird gifts for you? Share with us in the comments below!

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