10 Pawsome Cat Posts That Made Internet A Better Place


Cat posts always brighten up the internet. Cat lovers can’t do without such cat posts. Here are some pawsome cat posts to brighten up your day. Have a look at them!


Every cat deserves love and happiness.

We were looking to get a kitten at a local rescue when we ran into this pretty girl. She was 10 years old, her owner had died & she’d been up for adoption for nearly a year but no one wanted her because of her age…so we scooped her up, nearly 5 years ago.


Not all cats are dumb. Some understand what you say.

This is Larry I told him to get off the table. What a smartass! I think that’s what I love about him.


When you finally get the purrfect shot that you have been waiting for all your life.


Meet this grateful little kitty, Misty!

My name is Misty and I’m 5-years-old! My furever mommy adopted me from the Humane Society when I was 8 weeks old! I’m sweet & sassy and I love my furever home!


When the cat finally finds the perfect solution that he has been looking for.


This cat has got the forever surprised look. Can you tell why is he like this?


Not all cats like to run around the house. Some like to be lazy and adorable.


Cats know how to save lives too.

About three years ago, I was laying in bed and started having a really bad asthma attack. I have them every now and again but this one was really causing me problems. As I’m laying there, struggling to breathe (I was out of my albuterol inhaler) Charlie runs into the room out of nowhere and jumps onto the bed and lays flat on my chest, his face next to mine.


When you know how to take care of a cat, he can fight through anything. This one just got the love he deserves.


When your cat is more excited than you for the Halloween party.

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