10 Best Cat Tweets You Don’t Want To Miss


It will always be a wonder how cats come up with strange ideas. The felines either end up in trouble or creating a huge mess for us to clean up. Anyhow, they always end up turning life into a big never ending adventure. Maybe this is how they get through in life. It’s not easy to live each day in the same manner. It’s always good to have something different to look forward to.

Here are some cat tweets that are the best of their time. You surely don’t want to miss on this. Have a look at them!


Meet the best cat couple ever!


This is how your cat revolts. You just have to look for the signs.


Is something wrong with this cat? It seems like a person stuck in a cat’s body.


This cat looks so scared, yet adorable. Don’t worry, little kitty! You are not alone.


“I am here with you hooman. I am not leaving you alone.”

See we told you that don’t want to miss these. We know you are already happy with your decision. Cats always have a connection with fun and laughter. Whatever they do is filled with adventure and happiness. If the end result doesn’t land you in the world of adventure and happiness, then the cats don’t do it. They always have a goal behind everything that they do.


“What are these hoomans up to? They have started making weird movies on us now. This doesn’t look good.”


This cat has got a power of his own. Stay away or else you may end up in a lot of trouble.


2020 got us all like this. When will this end?


Cats totally love this cat dryer. They won’t get out of it easily once they get inside.


“What is this sparkling tall thing? This is totally mesmerising. But I have to do something about it before my hoomans start liking it more than me.”

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